Industrial company, producing fans


Assembling of automation systems, commissioning
and start-up works

Manufacturing of central air conditioners and air handling systems.


Smoke exhaust and air overpressure fans.




Manufacturing and supply of fire dampers

60,90,120 minutes fire resistance.

Assembling of automatics boards of any complexity under the customer’s technical project

Manufacturing of air intake valves UVK and KVU

Completed with electric drives Belimo

Saint Petersburg
(812) 309-48-11
(495) 785-36-41

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Electric drives and frequency regulators

Electric motor (electric drive) - a set of devices to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and regulate the flow of energy converted by a certain law.

Electric is the most common type of drive.

Нistorical background

Creation of the first electric drive refers to 1838, when a Russian scientist B. Jacobi made testing an electric motor powered by a battery that was used to drive the ship propeller. However, the introduction of electric drives in the industry was hampered by the lack of reliable sources of electricity. Even after the establishment in 1870 of industrial engine DC generator, work on introduction of electric drives have a particular meaning and didn’t play a major practical role. Electric drive received widespread using after the creation of the three-phase asynchronous electric motor, constructed by M.O. Dolivo-Dobrovolsky.

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