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Assembling of automation systems, commissioning
and start-up works

Manufacturing of central air conditioners and air handling systems.


Smoke exhaust and air overpressure fans.




Manufacturing and supply of fire dampers

60,90,120 minutes fire resistance.

Assembling of automatics boards of any complexity under the customer’s technical project

Manufacturing of air intake valves UVK and KVU

Completed with electric drives Belimo

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The specialists of our company "PetroVentKomplekt" designed and produced range of air handling units (ЦСК) - the central climate control systems to ensure all processes of preparing the air and create the required climate.

CSK is widely used to create comfortable and appropriate sanitary standards climatic conditions in factories, schools, shopping centers, gas stations, multifamily homes, cottages, etc. Models CSK include various performance devices - from 500 to 120 000 m3 / h (CSC-1, CSC-6 ... 100). Air conditioners are manufactured in industrial design: basic - CSK and hanging - CSK-K. Special versions of air conditioners are produced: cold-resistant - CSK-M (1.6 ... 100), street - CSK-H (1.6 ... 100), hygienic - CSK-G and explosion-proof Ex-CSK.

Different types of CSK arrangement are available in two levels - vertical design (up to CSK-20) and a horizontal. Easy sectional modular configuration allows mounting them in any rooms and areas of the building. Benefits of Air handling units are obvious: the customer gets instead of number of different purpose air preparation devices "all in one": supply of fresh purified, heated or cooled, disinfected air in the room. At the same time there is a possibility of free system configuration: the customer receives a "designer", in which selects only the modules that he really needed. At any moment CSK can be upgraded according to the requirements of the moment and without significant financial cost. Also, due to recuperation, energy saving is achieved. The high degree of prefabrication CSK can reduce costs and increase the speed of installation work. CSK management is carried out by means of standard or tailor-made automation systems. The ability to integrate management into the control network is provided.

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