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Smoke fans ДЫМЪ are fire protection systems. The fan is mounted on the roof of the building, usually above the elevator shaft; in the event of fire it outputs smoke-air mixture outside, thereby ensuring the evacuation of people. For this fan there are three types of wheels based on VR80-70 with different diameters from 3.15 to 12.5, which delivers productivity up to 100,000 m3 / h. Due to three types of wheels with different diameters and using of induction motors of different power fan series ДЫМЪ can be adapted to any operating point specified by the designer, and thus provide the required conditions for its operation. The fan casing is made of galvanized steel for protection against corrosion; impeller is painted with powder paint.

Fans are of two types

  1. ДЫМЪ-Н with ejection of stream to the side.
  2. ДЫМЪ-Ф with vertical ejection

For fans ДЫМЪ-Н in places of exhaust locates the inertial grille, which is used for protection against the ingress of precipitation to the impeller and an elevator shaft. The features of the fan ДЫМЪ-Ф is that it does not require a check valve, as this function is performed by its top flaps, as well as the fact that it can be installed in close proximity to other objects on the roof.

ДЫМЪ series fans are available in two variants thermal stability:

  1. For medium temperatures up to 400°C for 120 minutes;
  2. For medium temperatures up to 600°C for 120 minutes

The fan can be made of stainless steel or explosion-proof. The fans are equipped with check valves and mounting cups in various versions, to install them on the roof. Mounting sleeve as well according to customer can be made of any height.

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