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Assembling of automation systems, commissioning
and start-up works

Manufacturing of central air conditioners and air handling systems.


Smoke exhaust and air overpressure fans.




Manufacturing and supply of fire dampers

60,90,120 minutes fire resistance.

Assembling of automatics boards of any complexity under the customer’s technical project

Manufacturing of air intake valves UVK and KVU

Completed with electric drives Belimo

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Ventilation equipment, smoke removal — LLC "PetroVentKomplekt"

Air supplying and air handling units CSK

Fans DU «ДЫМЪ»

Roof air supplying fans VKOP

Fire dampers

Air intake valves UVK and KVU

Electric drives Belimo

Automatics boards «ЩАУ-ВУ»

Ducted fans

Air overpressure fans VOP


One of the main conditions, ensuring the comfort of human existence, is the fresh air. Unlike conditioners, that are not essentials, in large enterprises and industries of any field, there is necessarily something or other ventilation equipment.

Appointment of ventilation equipment.

Modern ventilation equipment is used directly for air exchange in premises, and also for removing excess heat, moisture, and harmful substances, formed in the manufacturing process. Nowadays, different types of ventilation facilities with many types of fresh air inflow are used, which directly depends on premises appointment and the supply air requirements. It should be noted, that the poor choice of ventilation equipment and unsuccessful project, as well as an incorrect calculation of the switchgears characteristics, don’t allow providing required characteristics of the air environment in a room. Therefore, when choosing this equipment, should be paid enough attention to the way of air supply, as well as the ventilation construction and location. When proecting the premise, it is necessary to determine the initial air characteristics and parameters. At present, for the calculation of the required parameters, the special air exchange tables in various residential and industrial buildings and structures are used. It is important, that if the building is located in an area with a cold climate (the temperature can be lower than -40 degrees Celsius), then in such cases supply ventilation with air heating is needed. However, if the structure is located in a hot climate zone, where there are dusty winds, then ventilation equipment should be installed with air-conditioning or cooling devices. The entire ventilation system of apartment houses is built in a way, that air taken from the street moves through exhaust channels in toilets, kitchens and bathrooms. In the event that a home is more than 4 rooms, and there is no cross-ventilation, it is possible to design the inartificial exhaust system of areas, not adjacent to a bathroom or kitchen.

Types of ventilation systems.

To date, according to the method of air supplying, ventilation equipment is divided into 4 types:

  1. Ventilation equipment that supplies air only in the work area. This method is appropriate for areas with convective flows over the hot equipment. Such ventilation equipment helps remove harmful impurities up.
  2. Ventilation equipment that delivers air with vertical jets. This type has been applied to public and industrial buildings and structures.
  3. Devices, which supplies air at an angle. Application of this method can be seen in the new buildings with large dimensions of the columns grid.
  4. Devices with horizontal air supplying.
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