Industrial company, producing fans


Assembling of automation systems, commissioning
and start-up works

Manufacturing of central air conditioners and air handling systems.


Smoke exhaust and air overpressure fans.




Manufacturing and supply of fire dampers

60,90,120 minutes fire resistance.

Assembling of automatics boards of any complexity under the customer’s technical project

Manufacturing of air intake valves UVK and KVU

Completed with electric drives Belimo

Saint Petersburg
(812) 309-48-11
(495) 785-36-41

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Air valves УВК (UVK) and КВУ (KVU)

Air valves UVK (standardized air valve made of aluminum profile) and KVU (valve air warmed with electrical heaters) are used for controlling the amount of air and non-explosive gas-air mixture which is not higher aggressiveness then air with temperatures up to 80°C, containing no dust and other solid impurities in an amount more than 100 mg/m3.

Valves UVK or KVU used in ventilation, air conditioning, air heating and other sanitation systems with operating pressures up to 1000 Pa (100 kgs/cm2).

Valves UVK and KVU have a rectangular section and represent a case with rotary blades mounted on the shaft. The blades of valve UVK have rubber seals, blades of valve KVU - electrical heaters, which allows using the valve KVU in the northern weather conditions. Rotate and fixation of the valve blade UVK or KVU is done by hand lever or by means electric drive «Belimo».

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