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Condensing units

Our experts offer various types of refrigeration machines when proecting central air conditioning systems. Currently, there are several options for the proposed equipment: chiller (water cooling unit) and the condensing unit (aggregate). Condensing unit is the most cost-effective option in solving problems of the cooling of large and medium-sized rooms.

Coolant in the condensing unit is Freon, and principle of operation of air conditioning systems on the basis of a refrigerating machine is based on the work of the refrigerant circuit. Condensing unit includes a powerful compressor which pumps the Freon into the tubes of contour under high pressure. In the supply part of the ventilation and central air systems installed heat exchanger (evaporator) with armature and automatic management. Freon under pressure enters the evaporator, where due to the expansion of the cross section of pipes and intensive blowing of warm air Freon boiling occurs. When extending Freon, it absorbs heat and temperature difference arises. The cost of systems for air cooling based on the condensing unit is generally quite low. Condensing unit works like a refrigerator: on signal automation system includes condensing unit and evaporator cools the air in the system, giving complete (nominal) power. Upon reaching the desired temperature in the duct or room sensor is triggered, and the automation system turns off the condensing unit and the system of air supply pumps air of outdoor temperature. As a result, in the room might be a little change in temperature. Properly configured automatic system reduces temperature fluctuations to a minimum that is they hardly noticeable to humans. But there are restrictions, such as condensing unit cannot be turned on and off several times a minute, it will lead to accelerated wear and significantly shorten the lifetime of the chiller. To do this, start delay devices are set in the condensing unit. Condensing units are most commonly used in small (with a cooling capacity of 7 kW) and medium-sized systems (with capacity of 20-50 kW). There are also double-circuit condensing units. In transient modes one contour runs continuously, and the second turns on and off to more closely match the specified parameters. We offer refrigerators of the plant MDV - one of the leading manufacturers of semi-industrial HVAC systems. In the production of compressors and condensing units are used only Japanese compressors brands such as: Hitachi and Sanyo. It is a guarantee of high reliability and quality of products.

The range of condensing units MDV is a wide choice of units with cooling capacities from 7 to 45 kW. Also, in assortment of our company there are condensing units manufactured by LENNOX, assembled of in the USA. The range of cooling capacities KKB LENNOX in the line ranges from 8 to 75kW.

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